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3 Piece Sectional Sofas

3 piece sectional sofas are fantastic options for those looking to provide their guests with lots of seating while still maintaining the freedom to rearrange the room as the situation requires. Club Furniture’s extensive collection of 3 piece sectional sofas allows you to create the perfect living space for your home for a fraction of the cost of high-end retailers. Take a look at some of our incredible pieces and prices and see why Club Furniture is the best place to find your new 3 piece sectional sofa.

One of the reasons that sectionals have remained so popular is because they are a fantastic option for maximizing a living space. Instead of multiple chairs and sofas taking up lots of floor space and making it hard to maneuver around a space, sectionals offer the same amount of seating in one piece of furniture. Since sectionals come in multiple pieces, they can also be rearranged in the event of a move, redesign, or just a change in décor. The arrangement of the three pieces can be changed to open up different parts of the room and accommodate other pieces of furniture. This means that investing in just one piece of furniture can keep your living space looking new for years to come.

Sofa Vs. Sectional

How do you decide whether to invest in a traditional sofa or a 3 piece sectional sofa? A lot of this decision depends on the space you are working with. The dimensions of some rooms may lend themselves to one type of furniture. If the room can handle either, it’s really a matter of preference. Sofas tend to be more formal, sectionals more casual and cozy. Luckily, Club Furniture has a fantastic inventory of both of these options, so regardless of what you choose, you’re in for a fantastic deal.

Sofa Details
Our 3 piece sectional sofas are carefully handcrafted in North Carolina and offer a wide variety of features, including: 30 distinct leather colors, 100 select premium fabrics, Queen sleeper sofas, Removable zippered cushions, Kiln dried hardwood frames, Plush down seat upgrades, Fully removable slipcovers, 30 day in-home free trial

We are proud to offer personalized customer service to help you make the right choice when selecting your new furniture. Combined with our free in-home delivery service and over 20 years of experience in online sales, we’re confident that you will have an exceptional experience working with Club Furniture. Get started today!
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