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Sebastian "Designer Style" Brown Leather Club Chair

Sebastian Cigar Style Distressed Leather Club Chair

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Leather chair dimensions W41.5" x D39" x H36." Available in 30 distinct leather colors and 2 leg color choices.

   Outside Dimensions W41.5" x D39" x H36"
   Seat Height 19.5"/Arm Height 26"
   Select Kiln Dried Hardwood Frame
   100% Top Grain Aniline Dyed Leather
   Guaranteed "No-Sag" Spring System
   Removable/Zippered Seat Cushions
   Carefully Hand-Crafted In N.C., U.S.A.

Item code: 0411-c1

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Q & A - Reviews

Customer Questions
QUESTION: Hello - I placed a no obligation order on the Sebastian Club Chair and wanted to hear from people who own this chair to see how it turned out.

1 by Brian C 1/3/2013
ANSWER: I bought this chair, a sofa-bed, and a hassock about six years ago, and I've been very happy with them, even though they're not cat-proof.

I don't remember there having been a choice of tiers in the leather when I bought my furniture. I got the darkest brown that was available, and it's held up pretty well despite the assaults of the aforementioned cats.

I'm about the same size as Brian, and I find the chair very comfortable, though you sit pretty low, so getting up out of it can be a two-stage process.

This is the only leather furniture I've owned, so I don't really have anything to compare it to except cloth. Leather isn't as forgiving as cloth, and if it gets a crease in it such as from having an end table jammed up against it for a while that crease is probably there forever. Leather requires more maintenance than cloth, if you want to keep it. And it's not as easy or as cheap to repair. On the other hand, it's *leather*, and as long as you take care of it it'll look great, even with some scratches and such. Up to a point, damage just gives it character. By the way, if you like to lean your head back when you watch TV, put a nice cloth between your head and the chair in warm weather, or your perspiration may add more character than you really want. That's just leather, not a knock against this chair.

I can imagine being even happier with some hypothetical suit of furniture, so I'll reserve the ten for some future ecstatic experience; but I have no complaints at all, so I'll give this suit a nine. I recommend it without reservation. by J D 1/8/2013
REPLY: Thank you J! This helps out a great deal. by Brian C 1/12/2013
ANSWER: W H - Thank you for the reply. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you on the backrest angle of the chair. Do you feel like it would allow for a quick snooze or is too upright

The reason I ask is that I'm planning on putting this in my bedroom corner allowing me to read a paper, watch some TV which is 6 feet up on the wall and take a snooze. I have an order in for the ottoman.

Also - this chair is one of the larger chairs measuring from the outside of one armrest to the other 41.5 inches. How would you rate the size of the chair Small Medium or Large

Thanks, Brian by Brian C 1/6/2013
ANSWER: Strongly recommend getting the ottoman if you haven't already - the chair is great with the ottoman. by W H 1/4/2013
ANSWER: Brian,
I bought the Sebastian Club with Tier 1 leather and got the ottoman as well. Although I can't remember offhand the name of the leather I got, I can see that it is no longer offered as I look at their site. The color we got appears virtually the same as the model they have in the appears to now be called Revel Tiger's Eye. Our leather is attractive, durable and of pretty high quality.
I am not tall 5'8", but regrettably I am fairly large - 260lbs. We ordered the optional down cushioning. The chair is comfortable and strong and accommodates my bigness just fine. The seat and back are great. The angle is fine. The only comfort issue I have is that the arms have an arch to them that results in the weight of your forearm being concentrated in a short span rather than being dispersed over the length of the arm. That short span has rather minimal can feel some wood framing under it. since these are custom made, I would specifically request that their be sufficient padding in the particular the center portion. I would rate my chair an 8. If there was more padding in the arms, I would easily give it a 10. by Chris H 1/4/2013
REPLY: Hi Chris - Thanks for the reply. I will take your recommendation and ask the dealer to pay close attention to the padding levels on the arms.

Is your chair a recliner or the standard
Did you get an ottoman

Brian by Brian C 1/6/2013
ANSWER: I selected cognac and the leather has worn well over the past four years. I'm 6'5" 205 lbs and the recliner is padded well and has withstood daily use well. It is comfortable reclined or upright and plenty of room for larger frames. The leather requires little maintenance. On a scale of 1-10, my satisfaction is an 11. You will not be disappointed. by S H 1/4/2013
REPLY: Hey S - Thank you for taking the time to reply. Although I have an order in for the regular chair I am considering the recliner now given your reply. How has the construction been with the footrest and the reclining mechanism My experience is that the footrest can become loose allowing movement from left to right. Anything to consider there? by Brian C 1/6/2013
QUESTION: Can someone post or send pictures of their leather Sebastian chair The tiny stock photo on the web site is ok, but i'd rather have more detailed pictures of the chair and get candid feedback.


Tim by Tim N 8/27/2012
ANSWER: I would also appreciate a few more pictures. by Brian C 1/6/2013
QUESTION: What are the dimenions of the seat cushion I am 5' tall and need a smaller cushion. by None N 6/13/2011
ANSWER: The seat measures as follows:

front of cushion to back - 23"
from arm to arm at the front of cushion - 22"
from arm to arm at the back of cushion - 20"

I am also 5' tall, and I find this chair is very comfortable. It is great for reading and relaxing. Hope this helps. by M D 8/2/2011
QUESTION: Hi. I'm looking for a club chair that you sit "down in" as opposed to sitting more upright. Something laid back for relaxing. Does this chair fit that bill Thanks in advance! by Erik J 4/21/2011
ANSWER: As long as you get the recliner, you can lay back. Otherwise you will be sitting more upright. It is an excellent chair. by Patrick B 4/24/2011
ANSWER: It's not a recliner, but then the back is not straight up at 90 degrees either. It is pretty comfortable and relaxing when you pair it with the ottoman.

Ken by W H 4/24/2011
QUESTION: How is the quality of this chair compared to others? by Jason H 12/14/2010
ANSWER: I absolutely love the chair and the couch that we bought with it. The quality of the furniture is excellent. It looks even better as it wears. Very happy and will return to club furniture, definitely. by T A 12/14/2010

Additional Information

The refined look of the Sebastian designer style brown leather club chair is unmatched, with endless sophistication meant to complement and work with your personal style. The piece is upholstered with 100 percent top grain aniline dried leather, which leaves it with a rugged, weathered look from top to bottom. This chair is built with fastidious care in the U.S., with rolled arms giving it a little touch of tradition. The deep-seated seat cushions make this piece perfect for sinking in with a good book or a cold drink after a long day. A curved, dramatic seat back contrasts with overstuffed arms and subtle, tapered legs to give off an air of supreme sophistication and understated comfort.

Choose between two seat types, from standard polyfiber wrap or add plush down feather. Either way, the zippered, removable seat cushions come with guaranteed "no-sag" springs, so you won't risk drooping and you can simplify cleaning. The seat height of this cozy chair measures in at 19.5 inches, while the arm height comes up 26 inches, so you can get lost in the comfort and warmth of this stunning piece.

Since Club Furniture's products are built-to-order, you can choose your leather to integrate this piece into your living space organically. Twenty distinct leather shades allow you to control the particular look you're going for, from warm and comforting browns to striking and romantic reds. Three tiers of color choices provide options for any style and budget. Two leg color choices make the options endless for customization. This chair comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty, but you have the option of upgrading to a Guardsman five-year leather protection plan in order to safeguard your purchase. At Club Furniture, the design is in your control to ensure you receive the perfect, tasteful arm chair to suit your home furnishing needs.

Need a new leather chair that oozes style but is still comfortable? Our Sebastian Designer Styled Rolled Arm Leather Club Chair is the perfect match for your decorating needs. This versatile leather arm chair is available in 20 shades of soft, luxurious leather. The cigar-style arms give it an elegant touch while the deep-seated design makes this that comfortable chair that the whole family will fight for on movie night. The Sebastian Designer Styled Rolled Arm Leather Club Chair has excellent detailing to truly make it a statement piece in any room. The dramatic rolled arms, delicate stitching and the option to choose plush down feathers in the cushions make this a chair that you'll keep around for years and years.

The cigar-style brown leather club chair from Club Furniture is a classic piece that fits within any home's décor. Simply select your seat type, leather color and leg finish and we'll create a built-to-order leather arm chair that's perfect for you.

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