Using Trunks Or Chests For Home Storage

Fashionable, Functional Storage with Trunks and Chests

With fashionable trunks and chests from Club Furniture, finding creative home storage solutions has never been easier. When people think of a storage chest or trunk, they often think of a simple cube or cumbersome block of wood that is purely functional and completely lacking in style. But at Club Furniture, we believe a trunk or chest should not only be functional, it should be fashionable as well. Below are some ideas on how you can use a trunk or chest to add fashionable, functional storage to your home.

Leather Trunks and Chests with Storage Drawers: Classic Look with Convenient Storage

Forget the open-top design and storage space that's the equivalent of dumping your belongings just to get them out of view, these trunks and chests come with stylish, space saving drawers that allow you to organize your belongings with easy access. The Eli "Ready To Ship" 10 Drawer Storage Trunk offers a multitude of storage and organizational possibilities while still retaining that classic trunk look. Combine this trunk with the Finnegan "Ready To Ship" Three Drawer Leather Storage End Table and you've got tons of storage space that is both convenient to use and gorgeous to see. Place the Eli storage trunk at the end of your bed and use the Finnegan "Ready To Ship" Three Drawer Leather Storage End Table beside your bed for the perfect fashionable look.

Mirrored Chests and Cabinets: A Contemporary Take on the Classic Storage Chest

Who says all storage chests have to look the same? At Club Furniture, we value your contemporary individuality. That's why we've created a line of mirrored chests and cabinets that offer all of the space saving and organizational perks of more traditional chests, but with a decidedly fresh and modern appeal. The Knox "Ready To Ship" Mirrored Cabinet combines lots of storage with the sleek beauty of an ebony finish, and the Warwick "Ready To Ship" Mirrored Chest has antique gold trim that highlights the dramatic contemporary flair of the mirrors. Place these chests in your foyer or hallway and enjoy your eye-catching piece of usable art every day.

Using trunks and chests from Club Furniture as clever, convenient storage is a popular and fashion-forward way to keep your home organized and looking its absolute best. We also offer a wide array of natural and painted wood chests and cabinets, so you can have creative home storage that fits your unique taste and style. Check our trunks and chests to find convenient storage.