The Best Accessories for Your Space

Once you have settled on the perfect furniture, it is time to decide on the best accessories for your space. These are the little things that are barely noticed but really pull a room together.

One of the most popular accessories is candles. Almost every house has a candle in at least one room, and more often than not, it serves the purpose of style over function. Many homeowners do not even light their candles, but use them strictly as decoration. Of course, the right scent can add drama and character to your home just as much as the appearance of the candle, so either way, these are a win-win. Match them with the perfect candle holder and this is a perfect home accessory.

Next on the list are throw pillows. These pillows often bring color or texture into your living space as well as providing comfort for a guest to sit down. Although they are primarily used on sofas, you can also dress up your chairs with pillows instead. If you like a comfortable look, big floor pillows give the room style and invite your guests to relax while they visit.

Nothing says comfort and ambiance more than a fireplace. It doesn’t matter if it is wood burning or electric, a fireplace says home. For wood burning and some gas fireplaces, you can dress them up with a fancy screen to add more pizzazz to the room. If you choose electric, you can make the fireplace part of your furniture by choosing an entertainment center with one built in. This will give you function and style.

Baskets are another must-have accessory. These are appealing yet functional at the same time. There is no better way to hide your junk than a basket on a shelf. Your guests will never know what is inside only that your house is clean and your baskets make a beautiful accessory on your shelf.

Lastly, fresh flowers, especially in spring and summer are the perfect accessory in every space. They brighten up the room, give off an amazing smell and add a sense of freshness to your house.