Slipcovered Sofas And Chairs Offer Convenience

Slipcovered Sofas and Chairs: Style Without the Commitment

Slipcovered sofas and chairs aren’t just for moms with messy kids or animal lovers with hairy pets. They’re also a great choice for anyone who likes to try different colors and styles of furniture without having to make a commitment to one specific look.

There are many reasons why you may want to change the look of your furniture. Perhaps you’re moving your furniture to a different room in your house, or perhaps you’re redecorating and don’t want the added expense of buying new furniture. Whatever the reason, owning slipcovered furniture means you have the versatility and adaptability to reinvent your furniture anyway you choose.

Versatility is nice, but what about the overall look of slipcovered furniture? Often times, slipcovered sofas and chairs look, well, slipcovered. The fabric is loose and bunchy in one area, and tight and ill-fitting in another area. The end result is furniture that looks frumpy and awkward. Suddenly, the allure of versatility without commitment doesn’t seem so alluring.

But what if you could own slipcovered furniture without sacrificing style for functionality? All of the furniture from Club Furniture comes with covers that are custom made for each individual piece in our collections. The covers are sleek and form-fitting, and look just like traditional upholstered furniture—no more bunching, and no more fabric pulled awkwardly tight. Club Furniture even makes slipcovered loveseats, chaise lounges, ottomans, and rocking chairs, so you can have a room full of endless possibilities without having to sacrifice beauty and style.

Slipcovered furniture from Club Furniture is available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and 100s of different fabric and color options! That’s a lot of style combinations, so you’re certain to find a look you love. And when you’re done loving one look, simply pick out another slipcover in a different color or fabric, and fall in love with your furniture all over again.

Browse our perfect slip covered sofas and chairs and enjoy style without the commitment.