How To Purchase Kids Furniture

Beyond Bunk Beds: Children’s Furniture Buying Guide

Nothing captures the essence of a child’s bedroom more than the quintessential set of bunk beds with a ladder. Although traditional bunk beds are great space savers, they offer very little when it comes to storage and organization. At Club Furniture, we craft space saving children’s furniture with storage and organizational solutions that will make the average bunk bed look like child’s play. In this children’s furniture buying guide, we’ll help you find furniture that goes beyond the bunk bed, so your children’s room can be stylish and well organized without sacrificing space.

Space Saving Storage: A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place.

As every parent knows, it doesn’t take long for a child to accumulate a lot of, well, stuff. Toys, games, books, sports equipment, electronics…the list is endless. To help keep your child’s room neat and clean, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of storage space for all of your child’s belongings. The Poster Bed with Under Bed Storage Drawer is a perfect space saving storage solution for both boys and girls. The charming Sleigh Bed with Under Bed Storage Drawer offers both beauty and plenty of storage space for your little girl. And for storage space that is uniquely incorporated for the ultimate in space-saving style, try a Twin or Full Bed with Full Storage Headboard for your little guy, or chose the white Twin or Full Bed with Storage Footboard for your child's space saving needs.

Storage and Organization Combined: Does it Get Any Better than This?

Help your child keep their pictures, books, and trophies neatly organized and on display with one of our Bookcase Beds, or chose the popular Loft Bed that incorporates shelves for displaying items and drawers for storage underneath the bed in true bunk bed style. The Bookcase Daybed with Under Bed Storage Drawer is perfect for you little guy’s showcase pieces and belongings, and the Bookcase Bed with Footboard Storage is a fun way to make clean up time a breeze for your little girl. With quality made children’s furniture from Club Furniture, your child’s room can be fun, stylish, and well-organized without having to sacrifice space. We’ve got plenty of space-saving ideas and children’s furniture for you, right here at Club Furniture.