How to Keep Your New Wood Furniture Beautiful

With all of the cleaning products in today’s market an important questions you might be asking yourself if how to keep your new wood furniture beautiful. Rightly so, as you’ve paid all this money for gorgeous furnishings, you want to make sure they look their best.

The best thing you can do is to ask for specific cleaning instructions when purchasing your new wood furniture. This way the manufacturer can tell you exactly what they would do to keep it looking great. Don’t fear if it’s too late, you already bought the furniture, and you didn’t ask. There is plenty you can do for all types of wood to keep them looking their best.

Something you must get in the habit of doing is dusting frequently. When you let dust build up on wood furniture, it creates a layer and actually scratches the wood, damaging it sometimes beyond easy repair. Stay on top of dusting and you won’t have to worry about little scratches. Also use a good cloth or feather duster. Rough cloths can scratch the surface of the wood and should be avoided.

Next you want to use a spray specifically for wood. Stay far away from all-purpose or multi-purpose cleaners as they usually have harsher chemicals that can damage the wood or leave residue behind. You should also never clean your wood with water. However, sticky spots may be spot cleaned with water and a very mild soap, but must be thoroughly dried immediately to avoid water stains.

While polishes and oils offer mild protection, they are not a good thing to use solely to protect your wood. For a heavy protectant that will leave a long-lasting, hard film, you want to choose a good wax and follow the application steps very carefully.

If you dust frequently, clean appropriately and apply a good, sturdy wax, your wood furniture will look beautiful for years to come.