How to Clean Your Leather Furniture

It’s been purchased; it looks great in your house, now the only thing you are wondering is how to clean your leather furniture?

With so many things that can damage leather furniture this is a very common and important question. Most retailers and/or manufacturers offer a label on their leather that walks you step-by-step on how to clean your leather furniture. If yours does not, have no fear. Here are the best ways to clean your furniture without ruining it.

The first thing you want to do is protect it during daily use. You should clean up spills immediately so you are preventing them from sinking into and staining the fabric. Never use a baby wipe to do this as it can damage the leather finish, use distilled water on a soft cotton cloth instead. Vacuuming and dusting your furniture on a regular basis helps prolong its life and helps to keep it clean.

In order to clean your leather the first thing to do is to vacuum the furniture with a soft brush attachment. This gets all of the crumbs, hair, and loose dirt off so that it is ready for polishing. Next you'll want to purchase a product called LeatherCPR which you can purchase at Wal-Mart or online at

Then, simply follow the instructions on the LeatherCPR bottle and be sure to test a small area first and let set 24 hours. The next day simply apply the leather conditioner to the entire piece of furniture as per the instructions. Follow up by buffing with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Never blow dry the leather as it can dry it out and ruin it.

If you follow these easy steps on how to clean your leather furniture, your leather will look great for years to come.