How to Arrange Furniture to Fit a Small Living Room

You just found the perfect house or apartment but there’s only one problem, how to arrange furniture to fit a small living room!

Fear not! Although they are a little more challenging to decorate than large, sprawling living rooms, small living rooms are just as fun to decorate and with a few helpful hints, it can still be the best room in the house. Let’s face it, you spend the majority of your time in the living room and your guests sometimes don’t see any other rooms in the house. Might as well make it the best it can be.

First things first, you want to choose furniture that fits the space. The last thing you want to do is overstuff your living room with furniture. That will only make it look small and cramped. Make it simple. Don’t go for big, dark, heavy pieces that will weigh down the room. Simple lines and neutral colors make a room look larger and more inviting.

If you like to entertain often, think about purchasing a small sectional that can be placed in a corner. This offers the maximum amount of seating for your guests and won’t overrun the room. Instead of a coffee table, consider an upholstered ottoman. Not only can this add a pop of color or texture to the room depending on what you choose, but it also can double as seating. Multi-functional pieces are extremely important in small spaces.

If you opt for a regular soft or loveseat, center it along a wall. Next to it place small, matching end tables adorned with lamps on either side. Make this the focal point of the room, placing them either under a window, along a focus wall of color or below a decorative wall arrangement.

Lastly, when you are figuring out how to arrange furniture to fit in your small living room, take advantage of storage. Building a storage area around a window is a great way to maximize your storage without taking over the living room and drawing attention in a bad way. Whatever way you do it, stay clean of the clutter that will make your space look smaller and feel constantly messy.