Guide For Optimal Media Room Setup

Frequent trips to the movie theater can get expensive. Nowadays, more and more people are deciding to set up their own media room at home instead. A media room not only provides a theater-like experience when watching movies, but it can also enhance your time spent binge-watching TV shows or listening to music. Designing a home theater doesn't have to be very difficult, but there are some considerations you'll want to keep in mind. Use this quick guide to set up a media room you'll love.

Floors and windows

It takes more than a good set of speakers to achieve optimal sound. Hardwood and tile surfaces tend to cause sound to bounce, and will therefore diminish the overall viewing experience. Carpeted floors are best because they are good at absorbing noise. Plus, it's cozier!

Windows are another factor you'll want to consider. Natural light may be energizing, but it's not good for watching movies. Install window treatments, such as thick curtains or blinds that allow you to block light when needed.

The right TV

The television you choose will largely depend on your own personal preferences. Plasma flat-screen TVs are light and thin, making them easy to attach to the wall. Others opt for projector screens, as they tend to be larger and more similar in size and shape to a real theater's screen. Do your research on the various types of screens you can choose from to find the right one for you and your space.

Surround sound system

If you want high-quality sound, two speakers are often not enough. A good surround sound system will help create that theater experience you crave. It's also a great solution for playing music while hosting company or enhancing the fun when playing video games.


The A/V receiver is a necessity for any home theater. It not only allows you to connect all of your audio and video sources to one device, but it can also help amplify sound even more. Before choosing a receiver for your home theater, take note of all media devices to ensure your new receiver has the right inputs.

Comfortable furniture

It doesn't matter how great your sound system is if your sofa isn't very comfortable. Furnish your media room with plush recliners and couches so you can lounge for hours on end without feeling stiff or sore.