DIY Wood Furniture And Floors Dent Repair

No matter how hard we try to keep furniture in top condition, eventually it'll show damage of some kind. While fabrics can stain and fade over time, wood furniture might dent or become scratched. Stains can often be fixed with blotting and the right cleaning products, and many people are familiar with this strategy as they've used it in the past. What they might not know is that dents too can be fixed with the right trick. Learn how to remove dents from wooden furniture (and hardwood floors) with an iron and a few other simple household products.

With finished woods, first sand the dented area so you can later repair the finish. You can skip this step, though, when you are working with unfinished furniture. Then, apply water to the dent and place a damp towel over the affected area. Take a clothes iron next and make circular movements over the cloth. After three to five minutes, or when the rag is no longer damp, you can stop ironing and check your handiwork. If the wood has expanded and the dent is gone, wait for the wood to dry before repairing the finish. If the dent did not disappear, re-wet the towel and try again until it is gone.

There's no reason to spring for new furniture just because of a little dent. Try this DIY trick to fix your furniture and make it look as good as new.