Decorating Tips for Children's Rooms

Quick & Easy Decorating Tips For Kids' Rooms

Looking for quick and easy decorating tips for kid's rooms? Then look no further! At Club Furniture, we've compiled a list of simple, time-tested, and utterly easy tips to help you achieve a perfectly decorated bedroom haven for your child, without having to sacrifice precious time. Another wonderful thing about these fun and inventive decorating tips—they're inexpensive, yet they look like a million bucks!

Display Your Child's Art

This tip is by far the easiest and is uniquely personalized to your special little guy or gal. Most children are thrilled to see their works of art proudly displayed, and you'll enjoy knowing your child's treasured pieces of art are kept safely in a picture frame where they're unlikely to be torn, spilled on, or lost. Use picture frames that are painted to match the color scheme of your child's room to add a bright pop of color that accentuates your child's artwork as well as the entire room.

Add a Stylish Wall Clock

Nothing helps your older child learn time management better than having their own clock. A wall clock with fun oversized numbers like the Ashton Outdoor Wall Clock or the Ellison Outdoor Wall Clock is both stylish and easy to see. Made for outdoor use, these clocks are especially durable for use in kids’ rooms. And because they are pieces of art themselves, simply hanging one on the wall in your child's room adds instant decoration with fun functionality.

Don't Forget the Area Rug

This quick and easy decorating tip for kids' rooms is by far the best way to add decorative color, texture, and style to both boys and girls rooms. A contemporary area rug with bright colors and whimsical designs is the best bet for your child's room. For your little girl, try the abstractly elegant Goa 85 Contemporary Area Rug with flowers and butterflies, or try the Goa 96 Contemporary Rug with a fun, brightly colored geometric pattern. For a boy's room, the muted colors of the Cosmopolitan 8809 Contemporary Area Rug add visual interest, while the fun Dazzle 6537 Contemporary Area Rug adds an adorable whirlwind of fun color.

With these quick and easy decorating tips for kid's rooms, you can create a fun, stylish, and inexpensive room for your child in no time flat.