Choosing the Right Lamp to Match Your Style

Light It Up: Choosing the Perfect Lamp

What's the perfect way to add the finishing touch to any room? Choosing the right lamp to match your style! Lamps are more than just functional, they're also quite decorative. They're also available in many different sizes and styles, which can make it difficult when deciding which style of lamp best suits your room. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect lamp for your room.

Decide Which Type of Lamp You Want

The most common types of lamps available are table lamps and floor lamps. Either style will provide ample light and add a decorative touch to your room, but it's important to first determine which style lamp best suits your room. If you're a lover of traditional furniture, a contemporary floor lamp will look out of place. An Ursula Traditional Table Lamp from Club Furniture is the better choice for traditional style.

Consider the Lamp's Size

Once you've determined which type of lamp best suits your room, you can turn your attention to the size of the lamp. When choosing a table lamp for your room, take a moment to measure the table's height and width. The lamp you choose should be no more than 1½ times the height of the table, and the lampshade shouldn’t extend past the width of the table. A Holt Contemporary Table Lamp is the perfect choice for small spaces because of its sleek, space-saving design. And f you prefer a floor lamp with a lampshade, be sure there's ample enough room between the shade and the wall. The Forest Restoration Floor Lamp has a shade that measures 12" x 8", making it perfect for spaces close to a wall.

Consider the Primary Function of Your Lamp

Think about the primary use of your room, and then choose a lamp that will match your needs. To brighten a room for ease of use, choose a floor lamp with no shade, or chose a table lamp with a translucent lampshade for maximum light exposure. If your room will be used for more than one purpose, choose a transition lamp like the Eden Transitional Table or Floor Lamp which allows for 3 different levels of brightness.

At Club Furniture, we carry a large selection of table and floor lamps, and we're certain one of these lamps is the perfect addition to your home. Start here to choose the right lamp to match your style today.