Choosing The Right Height Bar Or Counter Stool

No longer just for bars, the bar stool has become a stylish and practical addition in many homes as well. From casual meals in the kitchen to happy hours at home, there are a lot of ways to get good use out of bar stools in a home setting. Additionally, the home welcomes more elaborate and fun styles than you would typically see in a bar. Stools with backs, upholstered stools and bar stools featuring a bright color are all options to consider. The design you choose largely depends on your own personal preference and style, but one decision you don't want to make based on looks is height. The right bar stool height gives you plenty of leg room underneath the counter and allows you to also rest your arms comfortably on the counter's surface. Here's how to determine the perfect height.

1. To start, measure the distance between the floor and the top of your counter.

2. Subtract 10 to 12 inches to determine how tall your bar stool should be for a comfortable fit.

3. Keep in mind that the numbers don't always perfectly add up. Typically, however, bar counters are around 41 to 43 inches from the ground, so it's best to find a bar stool around 28 to 33 inches tall. If you are searching for stools to place underneath a shorter kitchen counter, a good rule of thumb for counters 35 to 39 inches high is to pair them with stools that are 24 to 27 inches tall.

A stool that is too tall or short can make enjoying your new home bar difficult. Keep these tips in mind as you search for the perfect style and design to ensure that your bar stools are also the right height.