Best Ways to Use Accent Chairs in Your Space

They are everywhere in magazines, featured in home shows, and all over HGTV, but really what are the best ways to use accent chairs in your space?

The thing about accent chairs is they are known as the fun relative. While you want to choose a neutral, and dare I say, boring couch, you want to choose accent chairs that stand out and show off your personality. The accent chair is your chance to add texture and color to your room without dominating it. Let’s face it, these chairs make a statement.

So what’s the best way to use them? That’s a question that starts with you. First you need to figure out their purpose in your home. Are they there to do nothing more than to make a statement? There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, that makes shopping and picking them out even more fun. More commonly though, the question is are they there to be functional and provide additional seating.

If the case is offering equal parts function and decoration, then you have to be a little more selective when you go to the store. First you want to keep your space in mind. Do you need to choose smaller chairs to accommodate the room or can you choose lavish chairs that your guests never want to get out of?

Choosing the right style for your space is every bit as important. The fabric you select should complement the rest of your furniture. Although these chairs are an accent piece, they should still “work” in the room, pulling it all together.

Lastly, you need to determine where these chairs will be used, if they will sit out as part of your décor all year long, or if they are tucked away until needed. If it is the latter, you definitely want to go with comfort and function over style. These chairs are meant to be sat in by guests and everyone wants their guests to be comfortable. If they are sitting out all the time, pairing them next to each other either floating in the room or against a wall with a small table between them helps draw your attention to them, but doesn’t distract from the rest of the room.