Accessorize Ottomans And Coffee Tables

A perfectly decorated ottoman or coffee table does so much more than make your living room camera ready. While it certainly adds to the aesthetic appeal, it also gives you a space to highlight your interests and put some of your prized possessions front and center. Photographers and real estate agents began dressing up ottomans and coffee tables because it made the house look more like a home. Ironically, this has caught on with everyone whether they are staging a home or living in it. With a personal touch and a few trinkets, the space looks much more inviting. There aren’t very many hard and fast rules when it comes to crafting the perfect centerpiece to accessorize your coffee table or ottoman. But there are a few guidelines to help you from going overboard or completely missing the mark. To get this much sought after look, try these tips in your living room.

Ottoman - Start with a tray so you can functionally use your ottoman as a coffee table. There should still be plenty of space for the intended function such as holding drinks or other items. Because it is an ottoman, expect a few feet to find their way to rest on the surface. When selecting items, consider sturdy pieces that aren’t easily knocked over if the surface shifts. Once you have a solid surface, you can begin building the look. Add some height with items like a candle, planter or a vase and mix textures and colors to achieve that effortless look. You can always stack a few coffee table books off to the side if you think it looks too sparse for the surface area.

Coffee Table - To create the perfect look, you need a mix of height, texture and color. Don’t be afraid to stack things up like books, boxes or even a bowl of fruit. This will help to bring the eclectic look. Always aim for a little seasonal greenery as well whether it is in the form of fresh cut flowers, a potted plant or interesting tree branches. But don’t go too overboard. One item of each type is enough as long as you still have enough space for function and the tabletop doesn’t look too put-together. It should have an air of whimsy to it. And remember to tuck away remotes and controllers in a stylish box that adds charm without clutter.