You Don't Have To Compromise Style In A Sleeper Bed

Mar 16, 2016
You Don't Have To Compromise Style In A Sleeper Bed

Functionality is essential when selecting furniture for your home, but don't let that stop you from making style a priority, too. Practical designs ensure your furniture serves a purpose, and beautiful pieces help you design a home you love. Fortunately, many contemporary styles available today are both extremely functional and chic. Sleeper sofas, for example, offer convenience without compromising your timeless interior design. Let's learn a little more about this increasingly popular furniture, and why it can make sense for your home today. 

Sleeper beds provide a cozy place for guests to sleep — and without crowding your space

You don't have to pump up an air mattress every time family and friends come to visit. A sleeper sofas in the living room transforms into a comfortable bed easily so that company can enjoy a good night's sleep. During the day, reclaim your space by turning the bed back into a couch. You shouldn't have to suffer from a cramped space just to host visitors!

If you currently have a guest bedroom, consider bringing a sleeper sofa into the living room and using the spare room for hobbies, exercise, work or storage. You can still give guests a comfortable place to stay, and you'll get to enjoy more of your home during the times when no one is visiting. 

Sleeper sofas are perfect for studios

City living often means getting used to smaller spaces. If you live in a studio, make the most of limited square footage by getting rid of your bed and investing in a sleeper sofa instead. During the day, you'll have a lot more room to walk around and feel at ease in your home. 

Sleeper beds are just as stylish as regular sofas

You'd think that furniture with this level of functionality wouldn't be as stylish as regular designs, but this isn't the case. Sleeper sofas come in a wide range of styles to enhance your interior design. And the best part? You can't even tell these types of sofas feature a hidden bed. 

If you frequently host guests or have a small space, consider investing in a sleeper sofa. A quality design can bring lasting style and functionality into your home. 

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