Why Are Hotels So Bewitching?

Aug 12, 2015
Why Are Hotels So Bewitching?

Elegant hotels possess a certain allure that can be hard to define but incredibly intoxicating. They have the ability to whisk you away to another reality where everything is perfect. That is, until you have to check out. So what is it about the design of these hotels that gives them this power over us?

It all begins with the entrance. Luxury hotels know that the lobby will be the first and the last place you see during your stay. They put an emphasis on grandeur, whether it be extravagant architecture or impressive floral arrangements. The space is perfectly-crafted to usher you into another world.

Luxury hotels elevate your lifestyle. When you stay at a hotel you’re not a patron, you’re royalty. This is most apparent when it comes to the bed. Each bed features layer upon layer of comfort, topping it all off with a piece of chocolate on the fluffy pillows. The beds are designed to be as aesthetically-pleasing as possible, while also being the most comfortable.

A luxury hotel bathroom is not a bathroom; it’s a spa. It has everything a person could need from the perfect water pressure to a large bathtub. These amenities are often difficult to replicate in your own home, which is why luxury hotel bathrooms are always going to be a slice of heaven.

When you stay in a hotel everything is easier. Room service, laundry service, maid service. They have it all! You never have to lift a finger. For many, the hardest part about staying in a hotel is having to leave!

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