Which Furniture Should I Bring Into My Small Bedroom?

Jan 26, 2016
Which Furniture Should I Bring Into My Small Bedroom?

Every room in your home has a purpose. Your bedroom, for example, is supposed to store your belongings and be a relaxing hideout where you can go to get peace and quiet. If you have limited space, however, it's hard to keep all of your stuff organized, and a cluttered bedroom is hardly soothing. Keep your bedroom functional and put-together by investing in small-space solutions. This furniture guide helps you maximize the limited room you have, which helps your bedroom become the organized sanctuary you need.


Yes, you need a bed, but do you need a king-size bed? If not, open up space in the bedroom by downsizing to a queen or even a full size. A smaller bed with storage is an even better idea, so look for bed designs featuring bottom drawers or open compartments. You can also take advantage of space underneath your bed to slide storage boxes and drawers.

Storage benches

If you need more storage space, try placing a bench at the foot of the bed. Storage benches are versatile and typically don't take up a lot of room. You can use your bench to store extra blankets, pillows or any other bedroom belonging. You can also use it as a chair any time you need a place to sit down.


While nightstands aren't absolutely necessary to a bedroom's design, they are extremely convenient. With a nightstand, you can easily set down your glasses or book without having to get up out of your cozy bed. Nightstands are also a great spot to place your reading light. If you require storage space, look for nightstands that have drawers and/or open compartments. A very small bedroom might not have space for a regular nightstand. If that's the case for you, consider hanging a shelf on the wall near your bed.


Your clothes need a home, and most closets don't have enough room to hold two wardrobes (or even one wardrobe, for that matter). This is why most bedrooms require dressers to provide additional storage. Look for a tall dresser that makes use of the vertical space in your room. If you want to bring a vanity into the bedroom, find a dual-purpose design that acts as both a vanity and a dresser.

Having a small space doesn't mean you can't have all of your bedroom belongings stored and organized. Look for functional furniture that also maximizes space to design a bedroom that's clutter-free and calm.

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