Today's Smart Bathrooms & Modern Home Technologies

Dec 05, 2017
Today's Smart Bathrooms & Modern Home Technologies

Given our current high-tech type of daily environments, many of today’s bathroom features are designed to save a great deal of money on rising energy costs. Smarter homeowners (and renters) now have the opportunity for increased comfort in an uplifted, enhanced and more sophisticated atmosphere where we spend a great deal of our daily time .... aka the washroom.

But when it comes to fantastic, innovative, newer purchases and accessories for our home, many of us drift towards more traditional venues found in the other spaces available for inside our houses. We often forget or overlook the time we spend in the bathroom. Usually this is our alone time‚ all dependent upon some unique and individual circumstances, but going into this cleansing space is just as important as the other parts of our living quarters.

Starting With Cleaner Water

The majority of todays contractors are already installing more efficient water usage products such as low flush toilets and other options that will minimize the buildup of mineral deposits like calcium and iron. The erosion and stains caused by calcium buildup and iron deposits are not only unsightly, tough to clean and difficult to remove, they are also unhealthy when flowing through our plumbing in larger amounts.

Filtration equipment, especially RO (reverse osmosis) systems also lend a much-needed helping hand when it comes to turning questionable H2O from the tap into delicious drinking water. Whether you are on a residential, commercial water well or drinking from a city, county or other government water supply, these systems can make a big difference when it comes to clean, clear drinking water.

The Stand Alone Bathtub

Standalone, high tech bathtubs offer programmable options for temperature, water level, usage of aromatherapy, even mood lighting. These smart tubs fill themselves without being monitored manually and send an alert via text message when the perfect soak is ready. What is sure to be the shining star amongst participants, the smart tub can clean itself using the same strategically located jets that deliver relaxing hydro massages.

Smarter Showers

For those that enjoy showering rather than taking a lengthy bath, there are gadgets galore when it comes to our daily cleansing ritual inside typical shower stalls. Look for these types of products:

  • Showerheads that control heat and allow for personalized settings
  • Heated bath / shower mats
  • Lighting gadgets to control the ambiance in the bathroom
  • Built-in bluetooth speakers available in a showerhead

While you are listening to your favorites tunes inside the shower or bath, water and steam resistant devices are also becoming an important and popular option inside many of today's bathrooms. Whether it's a mounted television screen, installed computer or other type of handheld device that's waterproof, consumers are eating up these products when it comes to their daily cleansing routine.

Friendlier Vanities And Smoother Surfaces

Sensors on vanities and faucets allow users to activate water flow without a single touch and ensure they never spill over the sink. Smart, programmable cabinets offer towel warming drawers, and double as dust-free storage compartments for accessories.

If you're thinking about buying or selling, having a tech-savvy home is practically the norm nowadays. Even if you are staying in your current residence, a tech savvy home is comfortable, convenient, you can still have major health benefits, and save on energy costs.

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