The Chesterfield Sofa Adds Traditional Detail To Your Modern Home

Apr 26, 2016
The Chesterfield Sofa Adds Traditional Detail To Your Modern Home
It's hard to find furniture as distinguished as the Chesterfield sofa. A popular living room seat from the Victorian era, the Chesterfield sofa has rich traditional details that create a luxurious look. It's no surprise that the exquisite design remains popular today. In fact, even homeowners with contemporary interiors choose the classic Chesterfield sofa for their more modern space. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Chesterfield sofa unique, and how you can incorporate the elegant design in your contemporary home.

A tufted back

The Chesterfield sofa is most easily identified by its unique tufted design. The tufted back creates the dignified look you love, and it provides a supportive back rest for you! Some Chesterfield sofas also have tufting accentuating its base and arms to take the rich look even further.

High-quality upholstery

You'll typically find Chesterfield sofas covered in 100-percent real leather, which works well in both contemporary and traditional homes. Prefer fabric? You'll be happy to learn then that there are numerous tufted sofas in quality fabric as well. Many of these fabric sofas mix modern and traditional details to give you the best of both worlds. If you like the Chesterfield style but are worried it won't fit in with your accessories, search for tufted sofas with contemporary details like white upholstery or straight arms.

Rolled arms

Contemporary versions of the Chesterfield sofa often have straight arms, but the traditional version (and what you'll most often find) has large, elegantly rolled arms. Another distinct characteristic of the Chesterfield sofa is that its arms are the same height as the back. When you decide to take advantage of your lengthy seat and stretch out, the high arm rests also provide a place to rest your back.

Carved legs

Many Chesterfield sofas have carved legs to enhance their traditional look. Once again, however, you can easily find designs with contemporary-style legs if you need the furniture to fit in with a modern interior.

Many trends come and go, but the Chesterfield sofa has remained popular for years. Bring the traditional tufting into your home to create a sophisticated and timeless interior.

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