Slipcovered Sofas Stay Stylish And Clean

Oct 20, 2015
Slipcovered Sofas Stay Stylish And Clean
Keeping your furniture in pristine condition can be difficult, especially with kids and pets. Long gone are the days when people protected their upholstery with plastic, but why would you want to, anyway? Sure, plastic coverings kept your parents' and grandparents' furniture spotless, but it also diminished the cozy and welcoming look they worked so hard to create. There's another way to maintain clean sofas and chairs: slipcovered sofas. Unlike plastic, this simple strategy lets you maintain both your furniture's style and its comfortable feel.

Featuring upholstery that can be fully removed, slipcovered furniture lets you wash out stains with ease. When necessary, you can easily replace the fabric with a new cover. Instead of trying to dab stains away or flipping over cushions to hide them, simply remove and hand wash the fabric to eliminate stains more effectively. After many years have passed and your furniture is starting to look worn or dirty, you can easily replace the slipcover to give your furniture that brand-new look for a fraction of the cost.

Slipcovered sofas offer several benefits, including convenience, but they're just as stylish as regular upholstered seating. You can find slipcovered furniture in many different colors, patterns and designs to suit both your space's style and your own personality. From chic white to eye-catching stripes, the options are endless. They come in numerous fabric options, too! Whether you prefer luxurious velvet or soft microfiber, you can find slipcovered seating designed to match your desired look and feel.

If you're someone who gets bored easily with your home's interior design or you like to update your space each season, you'll find slipcovered furniture to be a smart alternative to traditional upholstered sofas. Instead of having to buy an entirely new piece of furniture when you want a fresh look for your home, you can simply change the slipcover.

In the end, there are many reasons to use slipcovered furniture in your home. These cozy and convenient designs are much easier to keep in pristine condition and even easier to update when the look becomes tired or worn. If you've never considered slipcovers for your furniture, there's no reason you can't start today!

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