Organize Your Entryway With An Old-World Style Storage Trunk

Feb 16, 2016
Organize Your Entryway With An Old-World Style Storage Trunk

The invention of lightweight, easy-to-carry luggage could have rendered storage trunks obsolete, but it didn't. Instead of being used to haul clothes around while traveling the globe, storage trunks have been repurposed to become a popular interior design accessory. This antique-styled furniture is full of character and charm, a unique addition to anyone's space. It's also a handy organizer that can be used in many areas in the home, including your entryway. Read on to learn tips and ideas for choosing a storage trunk and incorporating it into your interior design.

Get the antique look without paying the antique price

It would certainly be cool to own a 200-year-old steamer trunk, but restored trunks are very expensive. You can instead find newly constructed trunks that feature "old-world" detailing. These types of trunks are designed to mimic the original styles, but they come at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, storage trunks on the market today are more dependable, ensuring you get years of style and functionality.

Look for a storage trunk with multiple compartments

If shopping for a storage trunk to use in the living room, it would make sense to find one with one large compartment. You could use the hidden storage to organize extra blankets or games. When shopping for the entryway, you might prefer to find a multi-drawer design instead. The entryway is where you'll be storing small winter accessories, pads of paper, the mail or even your keys. Multiple drawers help you organize these smaller belongings, making them more accessible and preventing them from getting lost.

Use the trunk's surface space to display more decor

Your storage trunk will shine all on its own, but you can take advantage of its smooth surface to also display accessories and take the look even further. Flowers, photographs, books and more of your favorite keepsakes can help create a welcoming entryway that'll greet guests as they walk into your home.

Storage trunks are no longer used for their original purpose, but they're still around for a reason. These antique-looking designs are full of personality and offer a stylish way to store your belongings. Consider bringing one into your entryway to create a warm and visually interesting home.

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