Hallway Benches For Style, Sitting And Storage

Feb 09, 2016
Hallway Benches For Style, Sitting And Storage

Hallways are often so narrow that a hanging picture or two is all you need for decor. What do you do if your hallway is instead large and looking a little bland? One easy way to fill up your empty area is to set up a bench. From plush upholstered storage benches to rustic, fashionably weathered styles, a wide range of designs is available to add both beauty and functionality to an unadorned space.


Using a bench for storage and style

Your hallway is bare and needs to be filled with furniture and decor. Why not use this opportunity to add more storage to your home? A storage bench can hide clutter in your house, incorporate more color into your interior design and can even be used as a comfortable seat when needed. Consider hanging artwork above your bench to create a focal point in you hallway.


Letting a bench be a fashionable and cozy seat

If your hallway requires a slimmer design, skip the storage and use your bench primarily as a stylish seat instead. A narrow, long bench welcomes more than one person to sit and enjoy plush comfort, as well as conversation. If the bench is long enough, you can even use it to take naps! When the kids or your spouse are watching TV, a hallway bench can provide a quieter area to rest.

Turning a bench into a charming accessory

A bench doesn't have to be used for sitting or storage. Search for an antique design and let your charming furniture become an accessory in your space. A weathered wooden bench can be used to display additional decor, such as flowers, photos or various knick-knacks. This idea is best for hallways that are big enough to look bare without furniture, but small enough that a larger bench would get in the way when walking.

Even hallways can be decorated to enhance your home. Consider bringing a stylish bench to your larger hallway and to turn this unused area into a functional space.

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