Go Coastal To Create A Breezy Style In Your Home

May 03, 2016
Go Coastal To Create A Breezy Style In Your Home
Recall the last time you spent the afternoon at the beach. How did you feel? Happy to be soaking in the sun while simultaneously enjoying the cool, salty breeze? Calm as you buried your feet into the gritty sand and stared out onto the open water? Now imagine if you could bring certain elements of that summer afternoon into your daily home life. Sounds relaxing, right?

The coastal style can bring a fresh, breezy look to your home, even if you don't live anywhere close to the beach. Follow these five tips to get started.

Keep it light

A dark and dim room is about as far from the coastal look as you can get. Light neutral walls and upholstery give your home a more open and airy appearance instead, which is more beach-like. If you're worried white won't work for your family, try a warm beige instead.

Warm up a room with colorful touches

Lighter hues will make up the majority of your space, but that doesn't mean you should completely remove color from the room. Pops of calming colors like green and blue warm up your home and help the interior design look more relaxed.

Decorate with natural materials

Solid wood trunks, burlap, natural-fiber rugs and wicker can all be used to bring outdoor elements into your home. Fresh green plants and colorful flowers make great natural decor. To achieve a beach vibe, you can even fill up a couple jars with sands and display beautiful shells around your home.

Avoid clutter

Your favorite memories of the ocean are when it's just you and your family visiting. A packed beach can make you feel claustrophobic and stressed. To create a calm environment, decorate with less and hide clutter in different storage containers. You might even want to go through belongings to get rid of old junk you no longer need.

Take advantage of natural lighting and fresh air

When you can't soak in the sun out on the beach, enjoy it inside your home by opening the curtains and letting natural light flood each room. When there's a cool breeze outside, open up the windows, too, and let the fresh air energize your space.

You might not be able to sit by the ocean every day, but you can bring a beachy look into your home using coastal design. Use these five tips to perfect the breezy style.

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