Get Floored By This Awesome Kitchen Flooring Guide

Aug 06, 2015
Get Floored By This Awesome Kitchen Flooring Guide

When it comes time to upgrade your kitchen flooring you might find that there are an overwhelming number of options and materials to choose from. Durability and ergonomics are two of the most important qualities you should consider on your quest for the perfect flooring. So which type of floor is right for you?

Durable flooring options include: concrete, rubber flooring, stone, tile, vinyl, and wood laminate. These materials are incredibly resilient and hold up well under all types of abuse. Feel free to spill oil or drop a pan on these surfaces without any fear of damage. You can even add a floor mirror!

The best ergonomic floors are: bamboo, carpet tiles, cork, rubber flooring, vinyl, wood, and wood laminate. These materials are softer and more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. If you’re the type of cook who spends all day in the kitchen then it might be wise to choose one of these materials. You’ll be doing your back a favor. However, these materials do sacrifice some durability.

This guide will help you start your research so that you can figure out exactly which type of kitchen floor you need.

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