Cozy club chair recliners and more ways to successfuly design a home with your significant other

Jun 07, 2016
Cozy club chair recliners and more ways to successfuly design a home with your significant other
Merging two opposing styles can be tricky. While at first you and your partner were excited to move in together, now you're wondering how you'll possibly fit your clashing styles together. Your significant other's favorite furniture is an overstuffed recliner, while you prefer chairs with clean lines and elegant details and that's just one of the many differences you've discovered so far. Fortunately, there are ways to make decisions for your home that you're both happy with. Follow these three strategies to get started.

Only keep what you both like

Go through your current inventory of furniture and decor, and keep the pieces you both find comfortable and visually appealing. If your two styles are too different from one another, consider keeping only a few versatile designs and starting over from scratch.

Go shopping together

When shopping for new furniture, paint colors and accessories, make purchase decisions together. Before you visit the store or start browsing for furniture online, it's best to decide on the style you wish to create for your home. This will help the process go much more smoothly and allow you to narrow down options while shopping.

Meet in the middle

There are numerous ways to design a home both you and your partner love. One strategy is to meet in the middle with every new furniture and decorative decision. That overstuffed recliner, for example, can be replaced with a just-as-comfortable, but much more sophisticated reclining club chair.

If your house has the space for it, you can also each claim a room to decorate and make yours. Maybe he wants a mancave and you wish to design a space where you can craft or read. These rooms or areas can be designed in the style you prefer, while the rest of the home combines the two preferences.

A home should be a reflection of both you and your partner, so follow these tips when trying to decide what furniture to keep and buy. Combining styles and making decisions together will allow you to design a home you both love and feel comfortable in each day.

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