Bar Or Counter Height Stools ... How To Decide

Dec 15, 2015
Bar Or Counter Height Stools ... How To Decide
Choosing the right stool for your space doesn't just mean selecting a style that matches your existing decor and furniture. With bar and counter height options available, it's also important that you select the right type of stool. Learn the difference between bar and counter stools, and how to decide which design is best for your home. Knowing what to look for when shopping online helps narrow down your selection, and it prevents you from having to return furniture in the future.

The main difference between bar and counter stools is the height. Bar stools are taller than counter stools, and as you can guess from their names, bar stools are designed to seat people at home bars. Counter stools are typically found underneath kitchen islands or counters.

Generally speaking, bar stools are designed for bars and counter stools go in kitchens, but you don't want to assume this is always the case for your home. Some home bars are higher than others, requiring extra-tall bar stools. Or you might have a bar that's the same height as your kitchen counter, which means you'll need shorter stools to match. Measuring the height of your surface will tell you the type of stool you need.

Nine to 12 inches between the bottom of your countertop and the stool seat's surface will provide enough room for people to sit comfortably. Measure your surface height, than subtract about 10 inches to determine what type of stool will fit best underneath the counter. Counter height stools are commonly 23 to 28 inches; a surface that is 35 inches tall requires a counter height stool. Bar stools, on the other hand, typically range from 29 to 32 inches. If you have a surface that is more than 43 inches high, a traditional bar stool will be too short. Search the extra-tall designs in this case to find a stool suited for your space.

Once you know how tall you need your stool to be, you can start searching for a stylish design. From bold colors to stools with back rests, you'll have plenty of options to consider.

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