Back-to-School Organization Ideas to Keep Kids Learning at Home

Aug 25, 2015
Your kids might attend class at school, but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop once the final bell rings! I've found these five back-to-school organization ideas to be very effective at helping kids study and complete homework efficiently at home.

Set up a homework station dedicated for studying

Rather than having your kids clutter up the dining room with their papers and supplies, set up a study area where they can work instead. Not only will this free up some space for you, but a study desk allows your students to keep all of their supplies in one spot and reduces the chance that something will get lost in the future. When setting up the homework station, be sure to include excellent task lighting and a comfortable chair to promote productivity.

Create a filing system

Students are often given study guides, notes and homework in paper form. Within a month, your kids might have more papers than they know what to do with. To keep all references organized and prevent them from getting crumpled up in bags, set up a filing system at home. I simply label folders by class and use them to hold all important documents during the school year.

Make sure there's ample storage space available

It's hard to get work done on a cluttered desk. Drawers and open cabinets can help your kids keep all of their books, notebooks, binders and supplies tidy and their work surface clean. A desk that already has these features will prevent you from having to buy additional storage furniture.

Hang up a school calendar on the wall

This is one of my favorite school organizational tips. A large calendar with test dates and activities lets both you and your kids know when a big event is coming up. While you want your kids to develop good study habits on their own, this calendar also gives you the chance to remind them when more studying is needed (such as the night before a big exam).

Designate a place for backpacks and keys

When the kids are running late, the last thing they'll want to do is search for missing bags or keys. Set up a place in the entryway, such as a storage bench or a row of hooks, where backpacks can be placed every day after school. A hook right by the door is a great spot for keys.

Better organization allows kids to be more efficient and effective when studying, which of course means more free time for them! Try one or more of these ideas in your own home to see how they work for you and your students.

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