Add Space To Your Apartment With A Modular Sectional

Oct 13, 2015
Add Space To Your Apartment With A Modular Sectional
Every home, whether it's a house or an apartment, has its quirks. While you learn to love the imperfections, one problem many can't quite adjust to is a cramped space. Why try? No matter how small your space is, there are ways to reduce the clutter and prevent areas like the living room from feeling crowded. A modular sectional surprisingly creates room to make any home seem more spacious.

Sectionals are often bigger than sofas, loveseats and chairs and are therefore thought to work only in larger living rooms. This, however, is one big misconception. While it's certainly true that sectionals are large in size (after all, they are two pieces of furniture combined into one), they allow you to set up seating all in one place. Sofas paired with chairs or a loveseat, on the other hand, have to be spread out and cause a small room to become cramped.

Still not convinced? With a sectional, you can also utilize corner space that would otherwise be left bare or filled with unnecessary decor. L-shaped modular sofas fit nicely against the wall to create more walking space in the middle of the room and help the living area feel bigger.

Now you know a sectional is the right choice for your small space, but you still have to choose a design that best meets your needs. Sectionals come in several designs and configurations, and these all feature different benefits. For example, a U-shaped sectional is a great focal point in a large living room but would look out of place in a tight space. A sectional with oversized features or numerous pieces would also take up too much room, making your small space appear even smaller.

A two-piece, L-shaped sectional maximizes space and provides ample seating. If you live in a studio apartment or simply do not have the space for a large sectional, keep in mind there are apartment-sized sectionals that provide more seating without dominating the room. These sectionals typically feature a small sofa or loveseat combined with a cozy chaise. These clever designs are perfect for stretching out for a relaxing afternoon nap!

Small homes don't have to be cramped and uncomfortable. From fabric to leather, there are many stylish and cozy sectionals available to design a living room you love.

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