Add Elegance To Your Girls' Bedroom Design With A Vanity

Jan 19, 2016
Add Elegance To Your Girls' Bedroom Design With A Vanity

Does your little girl love learning about makeup and playing dress-up with your jewelry? Then she might also love a vanity in her bedroom. Even though she's not ready to wear real makeup yet, your girl can have a blast playing and pretending to be just like mom. If that's not reason enough to bring new furniture into her space, you should know that an elegant vanity is not just a fun bedroom addition. These four benefits explain why it's a practical one as well.

1. It doubles as storage

With all the toys, clothes and books adoring relatives have bought your daughter over the years, you might soon have a hard time keeping her bedroom organized. The right vanity, however, has drawers and/or open shelf space to prevent clutter from taking over her space. She can learn the importance of maintaining a tidy bedroom, and you can breathe more easily each time you walk in and see a clean floor.

2. She can continue to use her vanity for years

You might be tempted to buy a small vanity featuring cartoonish designs or a bright color, as that's the kind of furniture your little one loves now. You might, however, regret this decision once your child's tastes change and she no longer likes the color pink or that particular cartoon character. By investing in a high-quality, simple and sophisticated design, your daughter can continue to use her vanity even in her teen years.

3. No future fights over the bathroom

Your daughter is just a child now, but wait until she reaches middle school and, like you, needs to primp a little before leaving the house. With a vanity in her bedroom, she doesn't have to take over the bathroom in order to do her hair and makeup. This ensures a smoother morning routine for everyone.

4. Less stuff will need to be stored in the bathroom

Along with spending less time in the bathroom, your daughter won't have to store as much stuff in there either, thanks to her vanity's ample storage space. Beauty products, brushes and hair dryers can all be stored in the bedroom, opening up the bathroom for just the essentials.

Spark your girl's creative side with a beautiful vanity. Not just for playing pretend, a vanity can be both a practical and elegant addition to your daughter's bedroom.

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