7 Tricks to Upgrade Your Bathrooms on a Budget

Sep 08, 2015
7 Tricks to Upgrade Your Bathrooms on a Budget
When your bathroom's style becomes stale, you might be tempted to tackle a few large home improvement projects for an updated design. You don't have to go broke, however, in order to give your bathroom a fresh new look. These seven budget-friendly upgrades promise to bring beauty to any bathroom.

1. Replace fixtures

Many people don't think of fixtures as a style changer, but I've found that these small accents can have a big impact on a bathroom's overall design. Instead of having traditional finishes like stainless steel or nickel, try bronze, copper or even gold.

2. Switch out curtains and linens

Bathrooms are primarily functional spaces, which makes decorating tough at times. One way to bring functionality to your bathroom without sacrificing style is to use towels and the shower curtain as decor. These items let you incorporate color and fun patterns into the design.

3. Paint a wall a new color

A fresh paint job is an easy way to transform the look of your bathroom. To create a calming space, consider a shade of blue or green. Neutral tones might not be the most exciting option, but they are great for smaller rooms and can help design a warm environment.

4. Try new storage solutions

From toothbrushes to cotton balls, there are numerous items you can store on your bathroom's vanity. Use this opportunity to bring both organization and style to your space by choosing decorative storage. Glass jars, for example, are a sophisticated way to store Q-tips and cotton balls.

5. Add relaxing accents

Why take an expensive trip to the spa when you can relax in your own home? To design a soothing environment, I like to decorate with candles and flowers. Fluffier towels and shower items like bath salts can add a luxurious touch as well.

6. Double-check your lighting

Does your bathroom have enough lighting for tasks such as putting on makeup? Great lighting is an essential for every bathroom, so make sure you have fixtures on both sides of the mirror. When you want to relax, a dimmer switch can lower lighting and prevent it from seeming too harsh.

7. Install a new mirror

You look into the mirror every day. You might as well have a mirror then that you love. If your bathroom's style is antique, consider a framed mirror to complete the look. Oval designs are unique and a great way to freshen up the room's look. If your bathroom is modern, a frameless mirror would be best.

Who says you can't upgrade on a budget? These affordable fixes will have your bathroom looking good as new.

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