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Chloe Slipcovered Sofa

Chloe Red Slipcovered 3-Seat Sofa

Furniture Made In America
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Fabric slipcovered sofa dimensions W84" x D40" x H38". Available in 100 assorted slipcover fabrics including a red slipcover sofa option you'll love. Price shown is for Tier 1 fabric color option.

   Seat Height 21"/Arm Height 26"
   Seat Depth 23"
   Kiln Dried Hardwood Frame
   Guaranteed "No-Sag" Springs
   Fully Removable Slipcover
   Durable Surged Seams
   Carefully Hand-Crafted In N.C.

Item code: 0535-s1
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Shipping Weight: 220lbs.
Customer Comments
COMMENT: Exactly what I was looking for. Seems to be identical to Pottery Barn at a substantial savings, plus warranteed. I was told PB has no warrantee. by Eleanor L 9/3/2012
COMMENT: So I would have the option of changing colors. by T L 9/3/2011
COMMENT: Made in USA is my first priority. Traditional design, clean cut and timeless piece. Slipcover is a great one; easy to maintain and clean. Various cover to pick; I order Twill Sand; classic one. CS staff is knowledgeable and friendly and courtesy. Hopefully, quality is going to be excellence. by Natcha H 9/1/2011
COMMENT: I have grandkids and 2 dogs, but like things clean. Love the idea of washing the slipcover and also the versatility of changing colors. by Mary F 10/29/2010
Customer Questions
QUESTION: Is this sofa the Mitchell Gold Chloe sofa, or is this one made by someone else? by None N 10/13/2011
STAFF ANSWER: The Chloe and a variety of our other slipcovered furniture styles resemble Mitchell Gold styles, however, they are not built by Mitchell Gold. We feel our quality is just as good if not better plus our pricing is much, much better. Same North Carolina craftsmanship. by Jeffrey K 10/14/2011
QUESTION: how it look under the skirt, what kind of material, what is the maximum weight to hold? by None N 9/1/2011
ANSWER: We bought the set in 2005 and it's still like brand new and been through 3 teenagers and two good size dogs Aussies. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again. The only thing that is slightly annoying is repositioning the cover now and then. Very good quality for the price. by C R 9/3/2011
ANSWER: It's a great couch and holds up very well, we've been using it for 5 years. Under the slipcover the couch is covered in good heavy material no problems at all with it.
The only problem I have with it is the cushions have not held up as well as the rest of the couch they seem to have compressed over the time we have had it
When you wash the slipcover there will be spme raveling at the seams, wash in cold water and do not dry as it will shrink some with just the wash. I put mine back on the couch when it has about half dry.
Hope this helps with your choice. by T L 9/3/2011
ANSWER: The full couch is covered in a light colored muslin-type material. Very sturdy. Not sure what you mean by how much weight it would hold. Our furniture is in a rental beach house that gets more wear than anything you could possibly imagine...7 years and still going strong! by B S 9/2/2011
ANSWER: it is an off white fabirc..we have a sectional and lots of room for people to sit..never thought about weight ..our sectional still looks great after a couple of years with grandchildren romping all over it..and guests napping on it.. by X G 9/2/2011
ANSWER: I've had this sofa for few years, and it's really sturdy--no worries about holding lots of people at the same time. Under the slipcover is plain white fabric. I'm really happy with this purchase over similar, more expensive models at other stores. by H A 9/2/2011
QUESTION: Is it hard to put the slip cover back on after it is laundered How does the slip cover close up Does this sofa contain the 8way tied springs Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you by None N 3/23/2011
ANSWER: If I remember correctly I followed the care instructions. Yes is is easy to get back on. Velcro is used on the back of the couch and the cushion and pillows have zippers. I am not familiar with the 8way tied springs. Hope this helps. by J H 3/25/2011
ANSWER: The slip cover goes on easily and can be done by one person since the fit is so good. The cover closes with a continuous zipper extending around three sides of the platform underneath the seat coushions. Sorry, don't remember information about the springs, but my sofa has had no sagging at all and I'm very satisfied with it. by D M 3/25/2011
ANSWER: Quite easy. Zippered. Can't address the spring question...not sure about this. by B S 3/24/2011
ANSWER: It is not difficult to put the slipcover back on after it is washed. You just remove all of the cushions, back and seat, and put the slipcover on the main part of the sofa. Then you just put all of the covers on the cushions. I'm not sure about the 8 way hand tied springs...Club furniture should be able to answer that. We have two of the chloe sofas, one a sleeper and we love them. They are in our playroom, and we have 5 children, so they get lots of use! We are very happy with the sofas. by p P 3/24/2011
QUESTION: I noticed somone metioned that it is not a good lounging couch..are the measurements correct? by jody h 2/22/2011
STAFF ANSWER: Hi, my name is Jeff King. I'm a customer service agent here at I noticed that you didn't get a reply to your question so I thought I'd reply. All our prices are designed to be comfortable for reading and/or relaxing. If you need a little more interior seating space then you should look at the Charleston slipcovered sofa which is available in a two or three seat version. by Jeffrey K 3/10/2011
QUESTION: how does the slip cover fit Is this sofa similar to the pottery barn version? by jody h 2/22/2011
ANSWER: I had worried that the fit might be somewhat wrinkly, but it's snug without looking stretched and stays neat looking. The frame cover zips underneath the seat coushions and doesn't interfer with opening into a bed if you have a sleeper sofa. The skirt is plenty long enough, also. I've been very happy with mine. by D M 2/23/2011
ANSWER: Yes, it is just about identical to the PB version--and costs less. And the Club Furniture customer service people and much nicer than PBs! The slipcover fits perfectly and looks great. I remain very happy with the sofa. by H A 2/23/2011
ANSWER: I would have to say yes it is very similar to the pottery barn version. I am very happy with it. I have 4 kids, 2 dogs,1 cat and lots of visitors and the couch is still in good shape. It is not our main couch we have it in our sitting room but it does get a lot of use. I have washed it several times and it has held up nicely. I bought the light color couch and the color has held up as well. I ordered it on line without seeing it before hand because if I wasn't happy with it I could return it for free. That was back in 2002 and I'm not sure that is the same policy now. I have been very happy with the couch. by J H 2/23/2011
ANSWER: Fits great. Very pleased with the furniture, including the new set of slip covers we purchased this year.
BCS by B S 2/23/2011
ANSWER: Hello,
This couch has been fantastic! It is durable and wears very well! I have four children and two dogs and my couch is still in excelllents shape. I have washed the slip cover many times and it slips right back on the couch without any problem. The slip cover doesn't shrink.
Yes, I love pottery barn and I think the couch is very similar. Be sure to check the dimensions of this couch to be sure the size is comparable to the one you are looking at at Pottery Barn. The depth of this couch is a bit less than the one I was comparing it to before I bought this couch.
You really can't go wrong here. This company truly has delivered a great product!

Heather by H B 2/23/2011
ANSWER: The slipcover fits great!...Very Pottery Barn for a much better price. I have the Denim and Tan slipcovers, and after 5 years, will replace the Tan one in the Fall. They wash and wear well, and have a smooth fit. This is a great sofa, and has held up with 2 boys and a dog very well. I definitely recommend it!..... by B O 2/23/2011
ANSWER: Jody, the slipcover fits really well...It is very similar to the pottery barn sofa, but I found pottery barn's sofa the one in the store that was similar to be deeper and more oversize. This one is not as deep. Very comfortable and looks great. We have 5 children so our sofas we bought 2 get lots of traffic! We got a sleeper and regular and did pay the extra for down cushions. The sleeper is of course more firm for sitting, but still very comfortable. They are holding up well and we have had them for probably two years. by p P 2/23/2011
QUESTION: I am thinking of getting this. How easy is it to take the slipcover off and to get it back on again Much appreciated! by George E 12/2/2010
ANSWER: Don't know yet as we have not been able to get to the beach to put the new slip covers on yet, but we love the sofas!
BCS by B S 12/4/2010
STAFF ANSWER: P, L, Thanks so much for the input. You both seem to agree that it's a sitting couch, not a lounging couch. by George E 12/3/2010
ANSWER: I purchased this couch because I needed a smaller scale couch to fit in a particular room. It was great for that, but when it came to lounging, this was not the couch for us. The depth was great for a smaller space but it was definitely not a couch my husband and I could fit on comfortably and watch a 3 hour movie. It works much better in a sitting room, which is where it is now. by L I 12/3/2010
ANSWER: George,

I honestly haven't taken it off to wash it but it was very easy to get on in the beginning...We love the sofa...bought two at the same time to go in a playroom. We have 5 children ages 7 to 19 so the sofas really get lots of use. We bought one sleeper sofa and one regular. The sleeper sofa works very is a little firmer than the non-sleeper sofa, but both are very comfortable. We payed extra and got the down-filled cushions. Love them. by p P 12/3/2010

The results are in, and our slipcover sofa Chloe is the winner of Miss Congeniality. Move over Sandra Bullock. Chloe's slipcover fabric wears well and cleans up nicely. The traditional design is simple and timeless. Pictured in a red slipcover, the color is cheerfully inviting. But with a choice of over 100 fashion-forward samples, you can tailor Chloe's upholstery fabric to your own design aesthetic. Years from now, it will still look fresh, and there is also the option of ordering new slipcovers should you want a change of pace. In any case, the zippered slipcovers are removable for ease of laundering. As an extra precaution, seams are serged with a tough overcast stitch for enhanced durability. Upgrade to our down-feather seat cushions for a real treat. Whether in a sitting room, game room or family room, Chloe fits in with whatever the surroundings. You'll just love this slipcover couch, most people do. It's made at home in the U.S. of the finest materials and kiln-dried hardwood.

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